Penrice Quarry & Mineral has supplied and delivered quarry products to numerous projects, both large and small, throughout South Australia

Recent Projects

Northern Connector Project
Project value – $985m
Timeframe: Late 2016 – 2019

Penrice Quarry & Mineral are supplying quarry and fill materials for the construction of a 15.5km, 6 lane motorway linking the Northern Expressway and the Urban Superway at South Road.

Urban Superway – South Road Superway
Project value – $864m
Timeframe: Feb 2010 – Dec 2013

Penrice Quarry & Mineral provided quarry materials for the 4.8 km, non stop corridor that comprises a 2.8 km elevated roadway, extending from the Port River Expressway to Regency Road. This is the second stage of the north-south transport corridor upgrade.

NEXY – Northern Expressway
Project value – $596m
Timeframe: Sept 2008 – Sept 2010

Penrice Quarry & Mineral supplied quarry products to the 23 km, four lane, two-way expressway linking Gawler to Pt Wakefield Road.

Other projects

Penrice Quarry & Mineral has also been involved in delivering to numerous other projects in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and regional South Australia, including some of the recent projects listed below:

AGT Wheat Facility – Roseworthy
Woodbridge – Angle Vale
Virginia Residential Development – Virginia
Sturt Highway shoulder and overtaking lanes project – Truro to Renmark
Grain bunkers – Roseworthy and Mallala